Computer Blue


Listen to a sampling of computer music, including an Icelandic tribute to an obsolete mainframe computer, and a singing Mac from the mid-80s.  Hear music by Johan Johansson, inspired by the very first huge mainframe on Iceland - his Dad's.  We'll hear his "IBM 1401, A User's Manual."  

Then, experience the singing Mac in a work by Hearn Gadbois, "GAHT MAYH MOH8JOH3 WOYKIN." Plus, there's "Idle Chatter," by Paul Lansky, made with the sounds of human speech fed into a computer; just listen to the resulting song that comes out. Plus, music by Morton Subotnick, and more.

PROGRAM # 2816, Computer Music (First aired on Friday 6/20/08)





Johann Johansson

IBM 1401-A User’s Manual

IBM 1401 Processing Unit [8:00]

4AD #2609**

Various Artists: Hearn Gadbois

Tellus, Vol. 12


Tellus audio cassette magazine, #12

Paul Lansky

More Than Idle Chatter

Notjustmoreidlechatter [8:00]

Bridge #9050

Various Artists: Rodney Waschka

The Virtuoso In The Computer Age IV

Looking [8:00]

Centaur #2170

Morton Subotnick

The Key To Songs/Return

Return: Descending Dance, Chord Dance, Dance of Destruction [7:00]

New Albion #012

Various Artists: Lars Gunnar Bodin

Computer Music Currents 7

Anima [7:00]

Wergo #2027