Blakeman Says Gillibrand Silent on Israel

Dickter's interview with Blakeman got refershingly deep into the weeds of foreign policy. 

 Around the 3:30 minute mark, Blakeman says the US is no longer preventing allies from talking to rogue or unfriendly nations.

"The president of Brazil met with the President of Syria. Assad. Bashar Assad. I cannot think that if George Bush was still president, that the President of Brazil would meet with the Syrian president. I cannot imagine a scenario where that would happen."

Around the 4:10 mark, Blakeman hits Gillibrand for not bringing the White House closer into Israel’s corner:

"So, I think there’s a fundamental shift away from Israel and towards the Palestinians, by the administration. Senator Gillibrand has been absolutely silent on that, and I think that has emboldened Iran."

On the home front, Blakeman praised Chris Christie as someone "reflecting the new Republican Party." When asked about Sarah Palin, Blakeman was complimentary, but not non-committal about her 2012 chances.

“I think there’s a perception that she’s not smart. I think she’s very smart. I think she does have great communication skills, leadership skills, but there a lot of good Republicans out there who could be potential presidential candidates, and I think Sarah Palin is just one of them.”