#3092: New Music For Bagpipes

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Oh Danny boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling, from some pretty weird places.  Prepare to be overwhelmed with new music for for one – or more bagpipes on this New Sounds.

Listen to strange and unusual mixtures of bagpipes with jew’s harp and balafon or with Brazilian carnival percussion on David Watson's release "Skirl."  Plus, there's music for multiple bagpipes with Japanese taiko drum ensemble from composer/percussionist/bagpiper Michael O'Neill, who also works with Gamelan Madu Sari.  Not to be outdone, there’s the Celtic meets Tony Allen drumbeats (Afrobeat pioneer) by way of South Asian pop stylings of Matthew Welch’s ensemble Blarvuster.  Then we go north, where bagpipes, fiddle, and hurdy-gurdy commingle, and more!

PROGRAM #3092, New Music for Bagpipes (First aired on Fri. 7/2/10)





Michael O’Neill


Being and Doing, excerpt [5:40]

Songlines SA2405 www.songlines.com or Emusic.com

David Watson


Skirl Power [3:03] Skirl Repeater [1:55]

Tzadik / Avant AVAN 077 Available as an import on Amazon.com*

Paris to Kyiv


Matins fragments [4:55]

Olesia AKB CD 03 Available at CDBaby.com

Lena Willemark, Ale Möller


Knut Hauling [5:51]

ECM 1536 www.ecmrecords.com

3 Mustaphas 3

Heart of Uncle

Sitna Lisa [4:50]

Rykodisc 20156 Download or buy at Amazon.com*


Private Recording

Jigs [2:30]

This performance not commercially available. www.myspace.com/blarvuster

Susanna Seivane

Alma de Buxo

Xoaniña [3:01]

Green Linnet 3141 www.susanaseivane.net



Spaghetti Panic [5:32]

Green Linnet 3050 Out of print, but try Amazon.com*

Rare Air

Space Piper

Death of a Space Piper [7:54]

Green Linnet 1115 greenlinnet.com/rare-air