Noise and Secrets

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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

South African landscape South African landscape (peetez/flickr)

Find out why, even though noise can be annoying, it's served as the soundtrack for civilization. Then, we’ll look at how the old New York waterfront became a battleground for the mob. And Yoruba Richen discusses her documentary that looks at why land reform remains a “ticking time bomb” in South Africa. Plus, director Christian Carion discusses “Farewell,” his new feature film based on the life of a disillusioned KGB colonel who took it upon himself to help accelerate the end of the Cold War—and he'll be joined by a former member of the CIA. 

The Unwanted Sound of Everything We Want

Garret Keizer takes a look at noise—all the unwanted sounds we’re bombarded by every day, from barking dogs to wailing sirens to thumping music coming from next door. He explores the class issues and political ramifications of noise, from Tanzania to New York, and the environmental sustainability of a quieter world. In The Unwanted Sound of Everything We Want, he shows that noise is as much about what we want as about what we’re trying to avoid.

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Crime on the New York Waterfront

Nathan Ward tells the story of the world of the old New York waterfront—which was as violent and mob-controlled as it appears in Hollywood movies. In Dark Harbor: The War for the New York Waterfront, he recounts a web of crime revealed by a New York Sun reporter covering the murder of a West Side boss stevedore, in 1948.

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Promised Land in South Africa

Yoruba Richen, director of “Promised Land,” talks about her film, an inside look at land reform and racial reconciliation in the new South Africa. It follows the Mekgareng, an impoverished tribe removed from their land 40 years ago that petitioned the government in 1998 to reclaim the land, now owned by white farmers and developers. It also looks at the firestorm ignited in 2006 when the South African government forced a white farmer to give his land back to the descendants of the black owners were removed from it in the 1940s.

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Russian Espionage and Christian Carion's film "Farewell"

Filmmaker Christian Carion and CIA veteran Jack Divine discuss Russian spies and international espionage in the 1980s. Carion’s film “Farewell” is set in Moscow in 1981, and recounts the true story of a disenchanted KGB colonel who gives top-secret documents to a French businessman working in Russia in an effort to end of the Cold War and create a better world for his son.

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