DiNapoli's Questions for Wilson

DiNapoli's campaign is emailing questions they want reporters to ask when they review challenger Harry Wilson's taxes tomorrow [timing fixed].

The questions:

  1. What was Mr. Wilson's total income vs. adjusted gross income ?
  2. What was Mr. Wilson's income earned from Silver Point Capital (deferred compensation, etc.)?
  3. What was Mr. Wilson's income earned from US Treasury Dept.?
  4. What income did Mr. Wilson receive from investment funds? (SPC Cotai Investment, Trust Acquisition Company, SKB Holdings)
  5. What income did Mr. Wilson earn from his investment in Granite Corporation?
  6. What was Mr. Wilson income from interest and dividends in other securities he holds?
  7. Were there any sources of income that were not listed in Mr. Wilson's financial disclosure filing that he submitted to the State?
  8. Were there taxes paid on domestic employees? (nanny, housekeeper, etc.)
  9. What credits and/or deductions did Mr. Wilson take?
  10. What Itemized deductions did Mr. Wilson take?
  11. What, if any, credit did Mr. Wilson receive for foreign taxes paid?