Bloomberg's Diversity

The Times A1 story today about the lack of diversity in Bloomberg’s administration has a more detailed breakdown of some calculations I did a year ago on this topic.


Of the 80 current city officials identified by the Bloomberg administration as “key members” on its Web site, 79 percent are white, and 64 percent are men.


According to the mayor’s office, 72 percent of his commissioners and agency heads are white. That percentage is higher than the 63 percent figure during Mr. Giuliani’s first year, in 1994, and his 69 percent in 1998.



[W]hen Bloomberg took office, there have been six African-Americans who have held the title of commissioner for various agencies.

By comparison, according my count, which was assisted by a reader who worked for the previous mayor, the Giuliani administration had eight African-Americans as commissioners over eight years.

When I asked Bloomberg last year what role diversity played in his hiring process, he said, “none whatsoever."

Which, if you’re keeping score, is basically what some Democrats, like Anthony Weiner, have said too.