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Gay Pride Parades through New York City

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Pride parade revelers scream, cry, and weigh-in on Civil Rights. Then they scream some more.

The 40th annual LGBTQ Pride Parade was a little short this year--because of city budget cuts, marchers shimmied down 5th Avenue starting at 36th Street instead of 52nd Street. But the distance didn't stop anyone from being proud.

"It's my first time here, and I just love it!" said 15-year-old Justin Gonzalez, who came to the parade to celebrate his two moms' recent legal Connecticut marraige.

"I'll be so glad when New York stops playing around with our rights," said Bronx native Brenda Paynes, who travelled to California to marry her partner when gay marraige was legal in that state. "Everything is all right for everyone else, but not for us."

"The police department is here, the fire department, the mayor," said Maria Beltran, who came to the parade from upstate New York. "It's just amazing to feel all the love from the whole New York City."

Watch more reactions from the Pride Parade in this video.