The Lede: Budgeting in Albany

Paterson said he'll "veto everything," if legislators don't create a contingency plan for losing federal FMAP money.

Silver says the gap to be closed is about $200 million. Others say it's closer to $400 million.

Sampson may be at least five votes short of passing the state budget bill.

Silver said there's "limited" support for selling wine in grocery stores.

Gershman: "It's doubtful that lawmakers would be able to override the governor's vetoes. Albany, then, would keep in place the governor's proposed 5% cut to school aid."

The legislature's budget: 4 percent tax on clothes under $110, reduce charitable giving deductions; restructure STAR program.

The RNC is giving money directly to Erie, Monroe and Dutchess Counties, bypassing Ed Cox and the state GOP.

Frank MacKay's wife won a lucrative contract from Republicans while they fought to hold onto the State Senate.

Christie: "My advice to New York is: Get serious about your problems."

AG candidate Sean Coffey may sue because NYC voting booths open at 6 a.m., elsewhere in NY they open at noon.

"Crowley insisted it was 'crazy' to think campaign money had any impact on his decision to sponsor the legislation."

Kruger says he's been cleared.

Errol Louis threatens to out reporters' sources.

In Collins profile, Buffalo News asks "Is it a democracy when the chief executive rules by fiat?"

Buffalo News notes Byron Brown skipped a Bob Duffy event.

Forbes whacks Hillary over her praise of Brazil's tax scale.

Wrobleski: Fossella wouldn't like a "stay at home job" like borough president, but could push his own candidate.

The City Clerk penalizes late-filers more than non-filers, a lawsuit says.

City workers will get iPods, iPads and other Apple products.

Vacca wants tanning salons to warn about skin cancer.

Gelinas wants NY delegation to vote against the financial regulation bill, saying it perpetuates taxpayer bailouts of failing institutions.

The Post accuses Meeks of stonewalling on info about two loans he recently acknowledged receiving.

The Times wants Kagan probed on the Stevens case, not guns, gay rights and abortion.

The Times also wants to end "prison gerrymandering."

And pictured above is Rangel and Wright at a health fair in Harlem on Saturrday.