#2805: New Orchestral Music

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What will the new orchestral music of the 21st Century sound like?  Perhaps not quite full-sized orchestras, the likes of which can fill a concert stage, but rather chamber orchestras that incorporate rock instruments - saxophones, electric guitars, and drum kits. 

Think of Alarm Will Sound - a chamber orchestra based in New York who sometimes do acoustic arrangements of electronic dance music from artists like Aphex Twin.  There's also Icebreaker - who have more saxes than strings and play both American and English new music. And take the Steve Martland band - they are a small orchestra with lots of horns, and a full rock band hidden in the ensemble.  We'll hear from all of these groups, and more on this New Sounds program.

PROGRAM #2805, Towards a 21st Century Orchestra (First aired on Tuesday, 5/27/08)





The Steve Martland Band

Horses of Instruction

Mr. Anderson’s Pavane [7:30] Terminal [6:00]

Black Box 1033 Download from emusic.com OR try www.hbdirect.com

Stewart Wallace

Private CD, Icebreaker at Bochum Symphony Hall

The Book of E [9:30]

Not commercially available.

Michael Gandolfi

Y2K Compliant

Themes from a Midsummer Night, excerpts [10:00]

BMOP /sound #1002 www.bmop.org

Alarm Will Sound

Acoustica – Alarm Will Sound Performs Aphex Twin

Blue Calx [7:00]

Cantaloupe #21028 * www.cantaloupemusic.com *


Rogue’s Gallery

John Godfrey: Euthanasia And Garden Implements, excerpt [6:00]

New Tone #7002 www.felmay.it