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"Burn Bridges"
Playing SATURDAY at: Music Hall of WIlliamsburg
(66 N. 6th St., Williamsburg)
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Dom, the frontman for the eccentric synth pop band named after him, is a bit of a character in his own right. According to an April Pitchfork interview, Dom, who refuses to reveal his last name because of debts he owes, grew up getting bounced around the foster care system after his mother abandoned him, dreams about palling around with the rapper Lil Wayne, and when he isn't writing effervescent pop, he's trying to come with a new jingle for Zales Jewelers commercials. This track from the group's debut EP captures both the quirkiness of the lead singer's personality and the bruised nature of his past as he sings about cutting ties against a wall of bubbly, lo-fi pop.

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