Underreported: Under the Radar Oil Spills

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The attention being paid the Deepwater Horizon oil spill has many residents of Nigeria, Egypt, and Chile scratching their heads. Devastating oil spills in these countries in the past decades have gone relatively unnoticed by the mainstream press. Both Dr. Erich Gundlach, director of E-Tech International, an oil spill clean-up firm, and Richard Steiner, professor of marine conservation at the University of Alaska, have first-hand experience working with oil spills around the world. They'll discuss some of the largest oil spills that have gone unnoticed and what was done to clean them up.

Oil Spill Info
Dead Starfish wash up on Block Island after the 1996 North Cape oil spill off the coast of Providence, RI.
Oil Spill Info
Oil covers the marshes of Portland, Oregon after the 1996 Julie N. oil spill.
Oil Spill Info
Oil on the beaches of Galveston, Texas after the 1984 Alvenus oil spill off the coast of Texas.
Oil Spill Info
Oil in the marshes near Tierra del Fuego, a year and a half after the Metula oil spill in 1974.
Oil Spill Info
Swanson Creek marsh covered in oil after the 2000 spill.
Oil Spill Info
Swanson Creek Marsh 2 years later after a successful clean up operation.)


Erich Gundlach and Richard Steiner

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Valerie from NYC

I and many people I speak with are furious not only at the amount of time it's taking to stop the spill but also with the lack of measures and personnal in place for clean-up.

Apparently would-be volunteers are being turned away, probably because BP is afraid of future lawsuits should volunteers' health be compromised by their clean-up efforts.

Could people be certified for this, the same way they're certified to do CPR, for example?
What if all oil industry employees could be trained and mobilized for situations like this? What if people in oil industry areas could be trained at the expense of the industry?

Jun. 24 2010 02:56 PM
Amy from Manhattan

On oil tanker safety, I remember hearing after the Exxon Valdez spill about efforts to require double hulls on oil tankers & opposition to this from the oil co's. What's the status of the law & of compliance on building & using double-hulled tankers?

Jun. 24 2010 01:49 PM

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