Day-to-Day Life with HIV/AIDS

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Over the past two decades, day-to-day live for HIV-positive individuals has changed dramatically—mostly due to a greater understanding of the virus and a powerful drug cocktail. Dr. David Ho, Scientific Director of the Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center and one of the developers of the HIV drug cocktail, talks about the science of fighting HIV. 

We’ll also speak to Jim Lister, a client of Gay Men’s Health Crisis, who has lived with HIV since 1989 and to Tyrell, a client of the Ali Forney Center, who has been HIV-positive since 2008.

Listen to Leonard's 1987 interview with Brigette Poust, a volunteer with Project Brave, chaplain Timothy Marshall and Dr. Debra Spicehandler, Medical Director of the Spellman Center on day to day caregiving to those with HIV/AIDS:



Dr. David Ho and Jim Lister

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Ted from NJ

Thank you, Leonard, for this series; but a more informed line of questioning would be appreciated. How will the aging HIV+ population deal with the long term effects of the drug cocktail? Will they be susceptible to host of diseases such as heart disease and various cancers in spite of or becuase of the medications? Who is studying the co-morbidity factors of people living with HIV and aging? For those who have been on some version of HAART since it was introduced in 1996, what research can be done to limit the aforementioned negative side effects? Is it all related to keeping the immune system as healthy as possible? I understand the need for a vaccine; but how about releasing statistics about those people who have been on some version of HAART since 1996? How long are they surviving and what are they succumbing to?

Jun. 23 2010 12:53 PM
Stella from Manhattan

I just wanted to thank Jim and Tyrell for their participation in this progra, and their candor in
discussing their lives. And, thank you too, Leonard.

Jun. 23 2010 12:35 PM
Josh Carter from Manhattan


It seems Mr. Lister wants his cake and eat it too -- at the tax payer's expense.

If he wishes to keep a greater portion of his income he has to give up his coveted apartment and live in congregate housing where, like them, he'll enjoy the 30% rent cap.

As the additional costs are inevitably born by already over burdened middle class New Yorkers and not the "economic royals" who benefit from their hedge funds and savy tax accountants, Mr Lister needs to make a chioce -- he cannot have both.

Jun. 23 2010 11:13 AM
Robert from NYC

It's time to cut the crap, stop being so "kind" and accepting and ask, "WHY THE HELL MUST I LIVE WITH AIDS?!!!" It's well past the point that we who are "living with AIDS" and be satisfied with it stop being satisfied with it and get back to demanding a cure. This has been one of the biggest scams of the pharmaceutical companies since the crisis began. They have developed "meds" that we can take and live... live with AIDS!!! Yes folks, you too can have AIDS and live with it, Isn't that great! You should be happy paying us billions of dollars for these drugs that keep you ill enough to have to take the drug to stay alive... AND with the disease! It's the new way and it's been applied to many more diseases/conditions. You can now live with many diseases/conditions that once killed you by taking these drugs developed for that purpose. Mind you the drugs themselves are often nothing more that poisons of one sort or other, much more dangerous than marijuana yet "approved" for distribution and sale. Think about it and wake up America!

Jun. 23 2010 09:39 AM

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