Q Poll: Cuomo Leads, But Voters Want Budget Info

In the latest Quinnipiac poll, 64 - 21 percent of voters say Democrat Andrew Cuomo isn't explaining enough how he'd fix the state's budget problems.

That view is held by 58 - 26 percent of Democrats and 71 - 15 percent of Independent voters.

Cuomo has said you need to sell a budget plan (and legislation) district by district. He's also signaled he'll host town hall meetings in each county during the campaign, so these numbers could change.

But even with this budget issue, Cuomo has a commanding lead over Republican Rick Lazio.

Cuomo leads among Democratic voters, 86 - 4 percent, has a respectable amount of Republican support, 26 percent compared to Lazio's 65 percent and has a commanding lead among African-American voters, 83 - 4 percent.

Interesting, Cuomo is doing well in the suburbs and upstate, places where voters are thought to be angry over property taxes and high dislike current establishment figures (which Cuomo says he's not).

In the suburbs, Cuomo leads Lazio 50 - 38 percent, and in non-rural upstate areas, Cuomo leads 52 - 32 percent.

Overall, Cuomo's lead over Rick Lazio has grown from the last Q poll in April. Back then, Cuomo's lead over Lazio was 55 - 26 percent. Now, it's 58 - 26 percent.

Against Carl Paladino, an upstate businessman appealing to Tea Party activists, Cuomo's lead is larger  in every category (including non-urban upstate areas: 54 - 29 percent).

The poll of 1,582 voters was conducted from June 15 - 20, and has a margin of error of 4.5 percent.