A Soccer Fan from Afghanistan

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Americans are not exactly known as the world's biggest soccer fans, but as the rest of the globe is consumed with World Cup mania, we at The Takeaway have been wondering, who are the world's biggest soccer fans? The Afghan people may not come to mind, but Rahmatullah Qureshi, a civil servant in the Ministry of Education in Kabul, just might be Afghanistan's biggest soccer fan.

Just a decade ago, watching television was a crime in Afghanistan and the 1998 World Cup had to be screened in secret. Today, football, as they call it, is huge, particularly in Kabul, according to Quershi. Since Afghanistan doesn't have a team of its own, Qureshi is rooting for Brazil, though he says the U.S. team is also popular with Afghans. Among other surprising observations Qureshi makes: Team USA just might be better organized than NATO forces in his country.