Franken Wins Minnesota Senate Race. Finally.

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After an initial loss, several recounts, and months of challenges, Al Franken, the humorist turned talk show host turned politician, finally won Minnesota’s Senate race. Republican challenger Norm Coleman conceded the race after Minnesota’s Supreme Court ruled that the recounts were over. The Takeaway talks to Tom Scheck, reporter for Minnesota Public Radio and Polinaut blogger who has seen us all the way through this long race to the U.S. Senate. Also joining the conversation is Jay Newton-Small, Washington reporter for Time Magazine, who will explain the effect on Washington. Can you say "filibuster-proof"?

"Sen. Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts and Sen. Bob Byrd of West Virginia are both on indefinite medical leave. So at best they only have 58 votes."
— Jay Newton-Small debunking the theory that Al Franken gives Democrats 60 votes in the Senate

Watch Franken's victory speech below.