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Azi Paybarah

The Debate Debate in the AG Race

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One of the most important parts of any campaign is getting opponents to answer the questions you want them to. It’s the debate about the debate, if you will.

In the attorney generals’ race, the debate debate is about Rockefeller Drug Law reform, which each of the five Democratic candidates say they support. The question now is, who supported it when? And did everyone really support it?

Eric Schneiderman’s strategy in the race is to argue that Kathleen Rice didn’t support it early enough, and therefore, is too conservative for the Democratic primary.

Joining him in that line of attack is Richard Brodsky, who, with Schneiderman, are key critics of Rice in a New York Times story. One key feature of the Times story: Rice’s remarks to the Westbury Times where in November she said she would “reserve judgment” on the law’s changes.


In response to the Times story today, Schneiderman’s campaign sent out a statement saying various news organizations have agreed to his call to host a debate, with Rice, exclusively on this issue.

Rice’s campaign says they will debate (they participated in a forum this morning, actually) but consider Schndierman’s call for a debate exclusively on this issue (or any one particular issue) something of a campaign stunt.