Listeners Respond: College Graduation Shortage

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On yesterday's show, we discussed a new report which finds that, by 2018, 63 percent of the jobs in the Unites States will require a post-high school education. The problem is, at the current rate of college and high school graduations, there will not be enough workers with higher educations to fill these jobs.  We wanted to know if you think colleges are properly preparing its students to enter today's workforce.


Takeaway listener, Melanie, in Cordell, OK writes:

My husband and I do not have college educations.  We have always been limited in the job market because we do not have a degree and have had to work more physically than we would have with a degree.  Our children realized this early on and all chose to get their degrees.  It was never an option.  I feel it is a mistake to not take advantage of getting a college degree while you are young and your brain still works and not wait until you are 40 and go back to school.”