Without Voting, Golden Blames Dems for Bill's Failure

State Senator Marty Golden wasn't in the chambers when the microstamping legislation was being voted on, but he doesn't want to be blamed for the bill's failure.

Golden, a Republican, said three Democrats were opposing the bill and that even if he did vote, the bill would not have passed.

Not that he was supporting it anyway.

In a brief telephone interview, Golden told me:

What happened with that is the Democrats voted the bill down -- three Democrats. I thought it was amazing that [Eric] Schneiderman was telling people he had the votes, put the bill up for a vote and not have the votes that he said he has, and that was [David] Valesky, [Darrel] Aurbertine and [Bill] Stachowski.

If those three Democrats voted for the bill, that bill would be law today.