Charities Under Investigation by NYS Attorney General

The director of a charitable group is accused of selling donated used cars and pocketing the money -- and New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo says the fraudulent practice may be widespread.

Cuomo has sued Feed the Hungry for allegedly diverting the bulk of its car donation revenue away from charitable purposes and into the pockets of director Nicholas Cascone. Cuomo has also subpoenaed 15 other groups, including Kars for Kids and Lechaim For Life, which frequently solicit used car donations through billboards and radio ads.

Cuomo warned New Yorkers to ask lots of questions before donating their cars to charity.

Here's a list of the charities and fundraisers Cuomo is investigating for allegedly pocketing donations:

Bless the Kids, Inc.

Breast Cancer Society

Cars that Help, Inc.

Children in Crises

Children's Cancer Fund of America

Children's Literacy Fund

Feed the Hungry, Inc.

Heritage for teh Blind

Hope for the Disabled Kids, Inc.

J.O.Y. for Our Youth, Inc. , a.k.a. Kars 4 Kids

Lechaim for Lief

Neo Presearch Energy Foundation, Inc.

Tree of Life

We Buy Cars, Inc.

Feed the Homeless, Inc.

Louis Cardillo

Arthur Glass