Following the Trail of E-Waste

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What really happens to the mountains of computers at recycling centers throughout the U.S.? In the upcoming documentary “Digital Dumping Ground,” Frontline World Producer Peter Klein and a team of graduate journalism students from the University of British Columbia follow the trail of “e-waste” that leads to Ghana, China and India. Among the locals who act as e-waste guides in these countries is Jim Puckett, an environmentalist who discovered a startling center of e-waste —Guiyu, China, where the residents suffer some of the highest dioxin and lead poisoning in the world. And in Ghana, much of the e-waste is actually used by scam artists who take personal banking and credit card information off of the hard drives. Peter Klein joins The Takeaway to talk about his documentary.

Watch FRONTLINE/World’s Digital Dumping Ground at 9 p.m. ET tonight on PBS (check local listings).