Gig Alerts: Erik Friedlander's Broken Arm Trio with Doug Wamble

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Erik Friedlander
"Pretty Penny"
Playing at: The Stone
(Ave. C and 2nd St., East Village)
Get: Tickets ($10 at door) | Directions

The art of the jazz cello was pioneered by the late bassist Oscar Pettiford, who, finding it impossible to play his instrument after breaking his arm in 1949, switched to plucking strings on a cello instead. More than 60 years later, avant-garde cellist Erik Friedlander carries on the bowless jazz cello tradition with his Broken Arm Trio. On this track from his 2008 release with the group, Friedlander leads a whimsical, low-key tune with gypsy jazz-inspired pizzicato. Tonight Friedlander and his cohorts will be joined by Doug Wamble on slide guitar.

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