The Lede: Diaz's Threat, Hanna's Donation

Mayor Bloomberg meets with state legislative leaders to discuss education funding.
June 09, 2010
(Photo Credit: Edward Reed)

Harry Reid is trailing his opponent.

Ruben Diaz Sr. says he'll vote against the emergency spending bill Monday.

David Paterson warned that will cause chaos.

Tom Precious watches the slow progress on property relief.

LGBT legislation stalled in the state senate. Democrats say Republicans Andrew Lanza and George Maziarz promised to get the bill out of committee, even if they'd oppose it on the floor.

Troubled political consultant Hank Morris was "intimately involved in the day-to-day business" of the state's pension funds, according to court papers filed by Andrew Cuomo.

Richard Hanna gave nearly $5,000 to the Independence Party for advertising, but the party doesn't have a record of it.

Paterson likes the radio: “It’s sort of a perfect medium for me.”

Matthew Goldstein defends the public advocate's office. "I am not at the point where I've heard a very compelling reason to eliminate the public advocate position."

SEIU's national political director said Reps. Mike McMahon and Mike Arcuri abandoned "the needs of working families."

Republicans hit Reps. Bill Owens and Scott Murphy for not stopping "runaway spending."

Unions rally with students walking out of school today.

A survey commissioned by the teachers union says voters favor higher taxes in order to pay for schools.

For some reason, there's a lot of opposition to building new mosques in the city.

Kirsten Powers says watch the left.

When Bloomberg met with college journalists, the event was behind closed doors.

Cuomo struck a deal with Craigslist to curb scalping.

Queens Chronicle: "If elected, [Francisco] Moya would be the first Ecuadorian to hold a public office in the United States."

The Republican challenger running against Rep. Gary Ackerman gets noticed.

And a candidate learns that "after reviewing archived records at the Albany County Board of Elections--it appears he has never been enrolled in the Republican Party."