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Jay-Z, Beyonce, Will Smith: Fela! Heads to the Tonys

You know that incredible, electrical connection that takes place when you look directly into Beyonce’s eyes, and she into yours? I do.

It happened just the other night, actually, when we were at the Palm, in midtown. We were there, technically speaking, because this guy she knows, Jay-Z, is a producer for Fela!, the Broadway musical, and they’re hyping the show for the Tonys (this Sunday). Will Smith was there too, with his girl Jada. They’re all producers on the show, all except for Beyonce. She didn’t have anything to do with Fela.

But Fela!, you can be sure, was making the most of Beyonce. There’s no other Broadway show with the same level of star power, on stage or off — there probably never has been — and the idea was that potential Tony voters would look a little more favorably on Fela! if they got to party with the producers.

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