#3087: New Songs Live: Kahane and Pastorini

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From the New Sounds Live concerts at Merkin Hall, hear the second part of a program of new art songs, including works by Ed Pastorini and Gabriel Kahane , two gifted New York singer/pianists with an unusual approach to the song form.  

Kahane's gentle baritone and piano /horns /whathaveyou easily trips through pop, concert hall, and theatre, inventing new textures and serving up biting lyrics.  Pastorini draws on twisted 1950's jazz harmonies (he studied with Lennie Tristano ) to write piano-based songs that sound like he once sang along with saxophone solos.  Plus, Elizabeth & the Catapult perform a bonus arrangement of a Leonard Cohen tune, and more.

PROGRAM # 3087, New Songs, Part II (First aired on 6/11/2010)





Ed Pastorini

New Sounds Live, 5/20/2010

Old Tool Shed [3:46]
All Fall Down [4:52]
Mechanical Chair [3:01]
Carmelite [5:11]

This performance not commercially available. But see www.101crustaceans.com

Gabriel Kahane & Rob Moose

New Sounds Live, 5/20/2010

Icebox [2:55]
North Adams [3:18]
Neurotic & Lonely [2:06]
Where are the Arms? [4:00]

This performance not commercially available. gabrielkahane.com

Elizabeth & the Catapult +String Quartet

New Sounds Live, 5/20/2010

Apathy [2:56]
Leonard Cohen: Everybody Knows [3:26]

This performance not commercially available elizabethandthecatapult.com