The Lede: Shutdown Chatter in Albany, Feline Swagger in the Bronx

Ruben Diaz Jr.

California replaced their system of partisan primaries with a system that sends the top two vote-getters from the primary into the general election.

Matt Bai explains why Chuck Schumer's model for Democrats' takeover in 2006 wasn't replicated by Republicans in 2010.

Lawmakers brace for a possible shutdown of state government.

That's because Pedro Espada Jr. and Ruben Diaz Sr. may join Republicans in voting against emergency spending bills on Monday.

The shutdown could be "disastrous."

Dean Skelos said Republicans would vote to pass the emergency spending bills if their recommendations were in it.

The Manhattan DA wants to send Bart Haggerty to jail for keeping leftover money his company got from Bloomberg's campaign.

Bob Duffy explains his prior "evasiveness" to questions about his attendance, during a nearly two hour interview with the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle.

Scott Murphy pushed for more budget transparency in Washington.

Staten Island residents fear a proposed Mosque in their borough has ties to terrorists.

One man at the meeting asked, "Will you here and now denounce Hamas and Hezbollah as jihad terrorist organizations" and "denounce any intention to bring Islamic law to the United States in ways at which are in variance with the United States Constitution?"

New parking rules could drive gourmet trucks out of the city.

Ruben Diaz Jr.'s progressive politics and connections to unions is creating chatter that he may run for mayor in 2013. The Times also notes: "he exudes something of a feline swagger."

David Paterson signed legislation to curb rising health insurance premiums.

Gail Collins says this election cycle isn't about angry voters, but rather, rich challengers.

The Post notes Christine Quinn and Bill Donohue found common ground.

And the White House denied Obama was in the video for "Whoomp There it Is."