Multi-Platform Online Novels: The Wave of the Future?

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Last Friday, Lauren Mechling and Laura Moser began an unusual experiment. They published the first three chapters of their young adult vampire novel “My Darklyng” on Every Friday for the rest of the summer, they’ll be publishing three more chapters.

Of course, for anyone familiar with the history of serialized novels, none of this is particularly newsworthy. But there is something unique about “My Darklyng” that could pave a new way for novels and technology to play off each other in the near future: Specifically, each character in the story has her own online life outside of the novel – including Facebook pages with photos, twitter feeds, Wikipedia entries, and videos posted on Youtube.

Lauren and Laura tell us about their multi-platform novel and how it incorporates technology into its telling.


To read "My Darklyng," log onto To follow the action of the main character, Natalie, outside the novel, log onto and click "like."