Tensions High On US-Mexico Border After Fatal Shooting of Mexican Teen

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Police officers stand next to the body of young Mexican migrant Sergio Adrian Hernández (14), at the US/Mexico border, under the 'Santa Fe International Cross' gate, in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. (June 7)
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Tension is growing along the American border with Mexico after a U.S. border agent shot and killed a 15-year-old Mexican boy on Monday evening. The incident, which took place near the El Paso border crossing, is complicated by the fact that U.S. authorities, Mexican authorities and eyewitnesses all tell different accounts of the incident. The U.S. says the teen was with a group of youths who threw rocks at border agents while they were trying to arrest two illegal migrants. Mexican authorities have condemned the shooting, calling it excessive use of force.

Tom Hughes, a criminal defense lawyer in El Paso fills us in on the details of the case. He says there are many legal complications stemming from the multiple jurisdictions on both sides of the border.