#2922: New Concert Music

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There are works for orchestra, works for the dance, and works with electronics on this New Sounds show, including selections from Joseph C. Phillips Jr. ’s work, "Vipassana," which, in the Pali language of early Buddhist texts, means "insight." 

Phillips’ epic four-movement, 70-minute post-minimalist work incorporates some of the improvisational and rhythmic elements of jazz and calls for an expanded Numinousensemble of 25 instrumentalists and singers.  We’ll also listen to music commissioned by the Sydney Dance Company from Australia’s Michael Askill, along with seductive music from Derek Bermel.  Bermel’s work, “Elixir” features strings and harp at its core with wind players serenading from the balcony, and reflects influences as varied as Charles Ives, Gesualdo, John Lennonand the Isley Brothers .