The Gulf Oil Spill: How You Can Help

Friday, June 04, 2010 - 09:00 AM

Behind a protective orange boom, an ibis stands in the water on an oil-covered marsh May 27, 2010 near Grand Isle, Louisiana. (Getty Images/Getty)

In the aftermath of the Asian tsunami, Hurricane Katrina and the earthquake in Haiti, the public was flooded with messages and options of how to help.  But where can you send money to help post oil-spill?  Here’s a list of organizations on the front lines of supporting locals impacted by the disaster as well as efforts to clean up the mess and protect against environmental damage over the long term.





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susan from bergen county nj

human hair~saw a report years ago. This man used human hair from the local salon to sop up oil, which worked so well. This may be an answer to cleaning up the gulf and the fragile wetlands without chemicals.

Jun. 08 2010 12:41 PM
dana from chester, ny

hey brian,

i received this about a week ago and have been attempting to get the idea out since. please watch and respond asap. i think this NATURAL way of helping clean the oil spill will greatly reduce the negative outcome weve caused on the organisms of the gulf.

Jun. 08 2010 10:31 AM
tom from long Island

what am I doing? nothing. not a thing, cause the problem in all these "Do this, Do that" is just personal panaceas. they make no great impact. so a few dozen shoppers dont buy lettuce at the food-mart. so all that means is the market buys less next time...and the loss works its way thru all the pockets of the ones we DONT want to hurt.

Americans have to get educated on how things truly work and not how they think they work. and the commentary about the oil pipelines (in the US) was spot-on. there is no such thing as I use only A or B oil...

Jun. 04 2010 12:33 PM
ed from ed

Scott stop f ing talking and texting about nothing

Jun. 04 2010 11:17 AM
Nicole from Manhattan

Ways to help: EAT LOCALLY. We ship our food vast distances in this country! No need for it. YES, it's more expensive to buy local produce & meat - but look at the expense that our addiction to oil is putting us through now? There are ways to do in an easier way too: meat CSAs like Eight O'Clock Ranch are cheaper than your local greenmarket, but not as "inexpensive" as long hauled meat.

Also, START A GARDEN. You can grow mesclun on your windowsill from now all the way through November - just reseed every two weeks. One box per window. Join a local garden. Start a local garden. Got a backyard/townhome? Plant some veggies? Got a flat roof? Plant some veggies. Live in a coop or condo? Talk with your association/board to start a rooftop garden.

Need help? Check out the blog, noimpactman's blog for suggestions, and for services.

There's a ton out there - we can do this. But we HAVE to make some changes in the way we live.

Jun. 04 2010 10:35 AM

On the subject of plastic--
we used to buy endless bottles of seltzer, and now make our own at home (google seltzer maker) and we always bring our own bags for shopping (google recycling bags).

Jun. 04 2010 10:32 AM

The USA uses 3 times more oil than the next largest user (China).
The # 1 use for oil in the USA is for autos.
Dump your SUV and get a high mileage car. I get 40 MPG how about you
You will lower dependence on oil
You will remove air pollution, water pollution and ocean pollution.
Support this president and get tougher mileage standards for cars and alternate energy funding
End subsidies for oil companies.

Jun. 04 2010 10:23 AM
Mike from Queens

That woman is driving down there to show solidarity??! I have not heard anyone say they plan to cut back on their consumption of fossil fuel in the future, which is the only way we will stop this. Ever. Americans want oil. No one wants to give that up.

Jun. 04 2010 10:21 AM
licnyc from queens

Yes- lets all drive to the beach, hold hands, protest oil drilling, and then get back into our car, put on the AC and go home and pretend that makes a difference. What alternate reality do these people live in?

Jun. 04 2010 10:21 AM
Scott from Brooklyn

Stop idling your f***ing car while you talk or text. I am so sick of watching people sit in their cars and have a conversation or text to someone. No reason to idle your car (with fuel injection engines) anymore. Break the habit. It's all oil, it's all related.

Jun. 04 2010 10:17 AM
Marcy Arlin from Brooklyn

Hi, I am donating money to Matter of Trust, the Coalition to Restore the Louisiana Coastline, Environmental Defense, and collecting Hair and wool for Hair Booms and telling everyone I know to do the same. Hair equals cat fur. Writing BP to use the hair booms instead of chemical absorbents.

Jun. 04 2010 10:14 AM

I am trying to cut down on using plastics. Yesterday's show summed it up well: Plastics = Oil. Whatever I can do here on out to reduce, reuse, and recycle will be worth it in the long run. It may not directly improve conditions in the Gulf, but long term, we can reduce demand if we do it together.

Jun. 04 2010 10:11 AM

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