#2804: Anthropofagia = Musical Cannabalism

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From percussionist Cyro Baptista, isten to "Banquet of the Spirits," an entire smorgasbord of music and culture, not unlike New York City (or New Sounds, for that matter.)  

"Banquet" turns over the idea Anthropofagia - ancient cannibal tribes eating human beings as a way to gain power of their spirit -  digesting international musical trends and cultural influences and rendering them into a nourishing experience.  Featuring musical instruments like "20 feet of chains," "waterphone" and "donkey jaw," (among other things like berimbau, mbira and saxophone), we'll hear "retirante," on this edition of New Sounds.  There's also Turkish-flavored chamber music by The Dem Trio, from their release, "Fountain."  Plus, Wu Man 's arrangement of a Cantonese folk song, "Raining," for pipa (Chinese lute) and adungu (Ugandan harp) where the plucked strings and harmonic chords recreates the sound and atmosphere of a rainy day.  And more.


PROGRAM #2804, World Music / Anthropofagia = Musical Cannabalism (First aired on Thursday, 5/22/08)





Dem Trio

The Fountain

Hiçaz Taksim & Naz Bari [6:00]
Çeçen Kizi [3:30]

Felmay #8133

Cyro Baptista

Banquet of the Spirits

Macunaima [6:00] Retirante [4:00]

www.cyrobaptista.com *

Kamkara Ensemble

Gol Nishan – Kurdish Music

Beautiful Oraman [11:30]

Private CD, try www.tulumba.com

Wu Man

Wu Man & Friends

I’m Going Back To North Carolina [2:30]
Raining [5:00]

Traditional Crossroads #4329** www.traditionalcrossroads.com *


The Golden Hour

Bhangra Bros. [2:30]

Bloodshot #152 ** www.bloodshotrecords.com

Marilyn Mazur & Jan Garbarek


Creature Walk [2:00]

ECM #1962 ** www.ecmrecords.com*