Minimalist Music Theatre


Hear some music theatre pieces on this New Sounds show.  Listen to Philip Glass 's recent release "Waiting for the Barbarians," adapted from the novel by the South African writer and Nobel Prize Winner John Coetzee.

Also, there's music by Paul Bailey - his post-minimalist music theatre piece "Retrace our Steps." He describes it as a four act vocal/instrumental spectacle based on texts by Gertrude Stein, Guy Debord and Jenny Bitner.  The "alt-classical garage band" Paul Bailey Ensemble performs the work.  And more.

PROGRAM #2802, Post-Minimalist Music Theater (First aired on Tuesday, 5-20-08)





Paul Bailey Ensemble

Retrace Our Steps

III [7:30]
IV [5:30]

Private CD release

Philip Glass

Waiting For the Barbarians

Excerpts [21:00]

Orange Mountain Music #0039** *

Michael Nyman

Facing Goya

Brilliant Body [2:00]
That Day Decided [8:00]
Forgive Me [5:00]

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