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At the Short Film Slam, the Audience Decides

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Forget Cannes. At the final round of the Short Film Slam series, eight films battle it out for audience approval -- and the top prizes.

The filmmakers come from a variety of backgrounds - film students coming off of a semester of all-nighters like Tati Barrantes, freelancers teaching English on the side, like Daniel Pagel, or professionals returning from the festival circuit like Shlomi Ben Yair.


Have to Get Back Down There is a 3-minute animated documentary from filmmakers Courtney Engelstein & Chris King. It tells the story of a recovering drug addict Engelstein met at a needle exchange in Hell's Kitchen.


Tiempo al Tiempo, by New York University graduate film student Tati Barrantes, explores the relationship between a middle-aged man and his younger counterpart who work as short-order cooks.


Unity is a documentary Daniel Pagel made about the Mexican family who lived next door to him in California, who struggled to keep their family together, despite living on opposite sides of the border.

Heaven is Waiting is the "prequel" to an upcoming feature film from Israeli filmmaker Shlomi Ben Yair.  The story follows Naana, an Palestinian girl who lost her boyfriend and her choice to become a suicide bomber.


Positive was made for an assignment in Jamal Caesar's New York University graduate film class. The ficional short takes a look at homophobia in a New York family.