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Cuomo Picks Rochester Mayor as Running Mate

Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, the presumptive Democratic nominee for governor of New York, has selected Rochester Mayor Robert Duffy to join him on the ballot as candidate for lieutenant governor.


Duffy, 55, was born and raised in Rochester. He is a graduate of the Aquinas Institute, a Catholic Rochester high school, and got his degrees in higher education from Monroe Community College, the Rochester Institute of Technology and Syracuse University. He joined the Rochester Police Department in 1976, and was chief of police from 1998 to 2005.

After nearly 29 years of police work, Duffy ran for mayor of Rochester in 2005. He raised a record amount of money for a Rochester mayoral election and won. Last year, Duffy won a second mayoral term.

A Republican before he turned Democrat, Duffy has the reputation of being fiscally conservative and socially progressive. He made waves recently when he moved to take control of Rochester's schools from the school board. <em>The Wall Street Journal</em> reports that Duffy also struggled with balancing Rochester's budget, and that the budget proposal Duffy revealed as mayor earlier this month called for service cuts, slashing the city's payroll and using reserve funds to make ends meet.</p><p>In a statewide race, Duffy will likely bring a strong voice from communities across upstate New York to the ballot. Attorney General Cuomo, who is from Queens, formally announced Duffy as his running mate at 11 a.m. on Wednesday.

"The AG has talked about trust, about fiscal responsibility, about restoring trust and integrity," Duffy said during the announcement. "And as a mayor for the last four plus years, I've seen firsthand the failures that we've seen in the state."

State Democrats are expected to nominate Cuomo as their candidate tomorrow at their political convention in Rye Brook, New York.