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2010 State Dem Convention: Everything Old Is 'New' Again

The theme of the 2010 New York State Democratic Convention, here in Rye Brook, is change.

The party posted signs greeting guests here, noting it's the "New Democratic Party."

Latching onto voter outrage for the New York Democrats is going to be tough, though, considering they currently hold every statewide office and control both chambers of state government, not to mention the governorship.

But the Democrats' soon-to-be nominated gubernatorial candidate, Andrew Cuomo, is clearly signaling he'll be siding with an angry public, which has rejected numerous establishment candidates in other states.

It will be fun to watch how Cuomo sells his push for change while representing the party that is, in essence, what needs to be changed.

As Albany Times Union writer Jimmy Vielkind put it, "How will the [Democratic Party] unify around a message of wholesale change when its standard-bearer is attacking a government it controls?"