Three Post-Minimalists


For this New Sounds, we hear a jaunty and combative work of many different textures by young Irish composer Andrew Hamilton - "Music for Roger Casement." 

In Hamilton's work, one hears organ and horns duking it out, while strings and oboe also tag-team in the musical brawl.  Hamilton is one of the MATA Young Composers from years past.  Also, we'll hear Steve Martland's "Horses of Instruction" a work for an 11-piece varied band that might evoke a jazz-funk summit between Reich and Stravinsky.  And a bit of a work by Nico Muhly.


PROGRAM # 2916, Three Post-Minimalists (First aired on Wed. 3/25/09)





Steve Martland

Horses of Instruction

Horses of Instruction [14:00]

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Andrew Hamilton

Mata Young Composers - Now!

Music for Roger Casement [22:30]

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Nico Muhly


Part 1 [9:00]

Brassland #018**