Who Will Reign Supreme?

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From New York Times , and
Justice David Souter's retirement gives President Obama the chance to start reshaping the Supreme Court. Who's on Obama's short list? And what are the quialities that make someone a high-impact justice? Joining the Takeaway are Adam Liptak, Supreme Court correspondent for the New York Times and Dahlia Lithwick, senior legal correspondent for Slate . They discuss what role the new justice could play.
"The ability to persuade, to slightly modify your view in order to get a fifth vote, that's a critical quality, almost more important than your own jurisprudential view."
—Dahlia Lithwick of Slate Magazine on nominees for the Supreme Court

For more, read Dahlia Lithwick's and Hanna Rosin's article, An Unnatural Woman: The secret life of a Supreme Court short-lister and Adam Liptak's article, Souter’s Exit Opens Door for a More Influential Justice in the New York Times.