April 2010 New Releases

It's that time of the month again for the new releases show on New Sounds. John Schaefer carefully sorts through the stacks, bins, and boatloads of new CDs which have come across his desk over the past month to present some choice cuts. If we're lucky, there will be some minimalist meditative swamp funeral jazz, along with some alternately jittery and pounding solo piano music. Perhaps we'll even hear some sterile and ominous remixes of solo violin pieces based on the rhythms of firing neurons. Plus, arty chamber pop.

PROGRAM # 3070, April New Releases (First aired on 4/30/2010)





Jason Moran


Feedback, Pt. II, excerpt [1:30]

Blue Note 509996 33765 2
Due out June 22, 2010 www.bluenote.com

John Matthias and Nick Ryan

Cortical Songs

2nd Movement [1:55] Thom Yorke - Neuron Trigger mix [2:56]

Nonclassical 004 www.nonclassical.co.uk

J. Mark Scearce / John Cheek

The 99 Beautiful Names of God

Ar- Rahman (The Most Gracious) [:32] Al-Fattah (the Opener) [:44] Al-Aziz (the Victorious)& Al-Jabbar (The Mighty) [:46] Al-Khaliq (the Creator) [:56] Al-Bari (the Maker of Order) [1:00]

Albany Records TROY 1139 www.albanyrecords.com

Timothy Andres

Shy and Mighty

The Night Jaunt [7:12]

Nonesuch 522413
Due out May 18, 2010 www.nonesuch.com

Marco Benevento (with Reed Mathis & Andrew Barr)

Between the Needles and Nightfall

Ila Frost [6:59]

Royal Potato Family Records 1535
Due out May 11, 2010 www.marcobenevento.com

Jason Moran (& the Bandwagon)


Feedback, Pt. II [4:54]

Blue Note 509996 33765 2 Due out June 22, 2010 www.bluenote.com

Gotan Project

Tango 3.0

Panamericana [4:33]

XL CD 488


The Philip Glass Ensemble

A Retrospective (1 of 2)

Dance 9, excerpt [1:00]

Orange Mountain Music 0067 www.orangemountain

Ben Monder, Bill McHenry -


The Shimmering Now That Breathes You [5:24]

Sunnyside 1247 www.sunnysiderecords.com

Antoine Dufour


To Run In A Dream [4:19]

Candy Rat