Hardcore Folk

Listen for the driving drone-based sound of bagpipes and the hurdy-gurdy from the English band Blowzabella on this New Sounds. Sample the Warsaw Village Band, punk-ass hard-rocking folk from Poland who also use the occasional hurdy-gurdy. We'll hear the reels and revels of Celtic folk via Quebec from Le Vent Du Nord (The Wind Of The North), oh - yes, perhaps with a side of hurdy-gurdy. There’s also music from Italy by the singer and sax player Enzo Avitabile based on a 14th Century tradition of turning farm implements into musical instruments. Plus, music from Scotland and a whole lot more.

PROGRAM #2791, Hardcore Folk (First aired on Thursday, 4-17-08)





Enzo Avitabile & Bottari

Save The World

Carry The Sun Inside [5:00]

Wrasse #124 www.wrasserecords.com*

Warsaw Village Band

People’s Spring

To You Kasiunia [5:00]

World Village #468028 www.worldvillagemusic.com*

Fanfare Ciocarlia

Iag Bari

Iag Bari [4:30]

Piranha #1577 www.piranha.de*

Le Vent Du Nord

Dans Les Airs

Les Larmes aux yeux [4:30]

Borealis #189 www.borealisrecords.com*

Ad Vielle Que Pourra


Serre-moi plus fort [6:00]

Green Linnet / Xenophile #4017



Spaghetti Panic [5:30]

Green Linnet #3050 / Special Delivery SPDCD 1028 Out of print. www.blowzabella.com for info


Solar Shears

Rod’s Doorway [5:00]

Compass #4303 www.compassrecords.com*

Various Artists: Bongshang

Folk ‘n’ Hell

If & When [5:00]

EMI/Metro Blue #53344
Try Amazon.com*


Oi Dai

Oi Dai [3:30]

Green Linnet #4014 www.greenlinnet.com*