Music with Mallets

Written specifically for the Society for New Music, Marc Mellits' work, "Platter of Discontent" is music inspired (and titled) by the bold and funky Kristi McKay, a woman exemplifying courage. The work’s driving rhythms, soaring lyricism, and colorful orchestrations are punctuated by the percussive melodies of mallet instruments. We’ll hear selections from it on this New Sounds, plus some minimalism meets jazz from Joseph C. Phillips Jr. and Numinous, and layered mallet music by Tom Collier. And more.

PROGRAM # 3059 music with mallets (First aired on 4/5/2010)





Amadinda Percussion Group

Steve Reich: Percussion Music / Amadinda

Steve Reich: Sextet, excerpt [1:00]

Hungaroton Classic. Download from iTunes.

Joseph C Phillips Jr


Stillness Flows Ever Changing [12:00]

Innova Records #720. *

Society for New Music


Marc Mellits: Platter of Discontent, excerpts [17:00]

Innova Records #719. *

Tom Collier

Mallet Fantastique

Nordica Hills [6:00]

Origin Classical #33009. Info at