American West

Listen to music inspired by the American West on this New Sounds including a work by John Adams for two pianos called “Hallelujah Junction,” named for a small truck stop on Highway 49 in the High Sierras on the California-Nevada border. Plus, there's an excerpt from the Piano Concerto #2- "After Lewis & Clark"- by Philip Glass, along with music by Sasha Matson and Ingram Marshall.

PROGRAM #2786, Music Inspired by the American West (First aired on Tuesday, 4-8-08)





Paul Barnes

The American Virtuoso

Philip Glass: Piano Concerto #2, After Lewis And Clark, Part I [11:30]

Orange Mountain #0036 ** *

Ingram Marshall

Fog Tropes/ Gradual Requiem

Fog Tropes [10:00]

New Albion #002 *

John Adams

Road Movies

Hallelujah Junction [16:00]

Nonesuch #79699** *

Sasha Matson

Steel Chords / I-5

I-5, excerpt [6:30]

Audioquest #1013