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New Releases, March 2010

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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It's that time again for the monthly program of new releases. John Schaefer picks through the bucketloads of CDs that have flooded his inbox to find new releases worthy of showcasing in tonight's program. Fact: one can almost see John Schaefer over the stacks of CDs waiting for airplay on his desk...

PROGRAM # 3058, March 2010 New Releases (First aired on 3/31/2010)





Dan Willis & Velvet Gentleman

The Satie Project

Gymnopedie #1, excerpt [1:00]

Daywood Drive Records DDRLP1001

SIGNAL, Shara Worden

Penelope Songs

Sarah Kirkland Snider: This is What You’re Like [5:10]

Download from New Amsterdam Records

William Brittelle

Television Landscape

Dunes of Vermillion [4:32]

Download from New Amsterdam Records

Arte Quartett

Different Worlds

Terry Riley: Indian Trail [10:32]

Marsyas Records MAR 18042

Stefano Battaglia


Antifona Libera [6:23]

ECM 2120

Claudia Quintet with Gary Versace

Royal Toast

“Ideal” Intro [1:16] “Ideal Standard” [8:04]

Cuneiform 307

Dan Willis & Velvet Gentleman

The Satie Project

Gnossienne #1 [4:08]

Daywood Drive Records DDRLP1001

Guitar Republic

Guitar Republic

The Rite of the Republic [6:56] and

Comments [4]

Dan Willis from Teaneck, NJ

Thank you so much for featuring 'The Satie Project' on your March 31st program – New Sounds. I have been a fan of your program for years and was thrilled to hear that you included my latest CD on your show. I’d like to invite you and your listeners to our celebration of Erik Satie’s 144th birthday on May 17th which is also my CD release performance, here at Nightingales, NYC. (213 Second Avenue (NW Corner of 13th St. & 2nd Ave.)

I will keep you informed with the progress of my next CD 'The Satie Project' Vol. 2, which is already in production.

Thanks again for your support and for sharing this music with your listeners.


Dan Willis

Apr. 05 2010 05:08 PM
Ray Lopez from Nassau County

You played a crazy electronic sounding piece the other night called General admission By a group called Spectac I think, I can;t find it anywhere. I want to have this piece of music. Where Can I get the CD ?

Ray Lopez

Mar. 31 2010 08:05 PM
Ben Freed from New York


That you have devoted so much time to actually "debating" the value of banjo music is surely one great leap backwards for the serious musicians who work for decades towards elevating their craft. No surprise that Joe Queenan takes an uneducated narrowminded position; lambasting everything in his path is how he makes a living. Hey, if your going to have a critic, at least have one that knows and understands the genre. Queenan obviously doesn't. His postions were humiliating, actually.

I'm sorry, but your banjo debate reveals a patronizing snobbishness on your part. Would you debate the value of let's say, the trumpet and have Winton Marsalis call in to defend his work? I don't think so. He's a cool guy and we wouldn't want to suggest that after ten minutes of trumpet music, we've all had enough of that too.

Bela Fleck, with 11 Grammy awards and 27 nominations, has won in more Grammy award categories than any artist in history. What more does it take to show that for millions of listeners worldwidethe banjo is not an irritating novelty?

Ben Freed

Mar. 31 2010 06:19 PM
ronnie from nyc

did you not have a banjo segment this week? missed it and would love to hear it. btw your music iq is amazing. thanks

Mar. 31 2010 10:36 AM

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