New Music from Carl Stone

Computer music pioneer Carl Stone dismantles global song and melody and electro-acoustically re-creates compositions of gradually shifting sounds of distant mystery. On this New Sounds, Carl Stone stops by the WNYC studios to present music from his recent effort, "Al-Noor," and his re-issued first record "Woo Lae Oak" from 1983, a concrete symphony for the tremolo of a rubbed string and the tone of a blown bottle. All that, and more.

PROGRAM #2781, With Carl Stone (First aired on Wednesday, 3-26-08)






Carl Stone


Jitlada [9:30]
Al-Noor [10:00]
Flint’s [9:30]

Intone Music #10 *

Carl Stone

Woo Lae Oak

Woo Lae Oak, excerpt [9:00]

Unseen Worlds UW03
Just re-issued, info at

Carl Stone

Four Pieces

Wall Me Do [9:30]

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