#386: Theme & Variations #3 - Sidh Bhig Sidh Mhor

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It's another in the Theme & Variations series on New Sounds. This time, the tune is "Sidh Bhig Sidh Mhor," by Turlough O Carolan, a bit of Irish traditional music. We'll hear several arrangements of and deconstructions of that melody, starting with Derek Bell, the harp player of the Cheiftans. Then there are more arrangements, for dulcimer, for guitar, some with vocals, and one for jaw harp.

PROGRAM #386: "Theme & Variations #3 -- Sidh Bhig Sidh Mhor"
(by Toirdhealbhach O Cearbhallain, or Turlough O Carolan) (First aired 11.08.1989)





Derek Bell

Carolan's Receipt

"Sidh Beag agus Sidh Mor" {1:00}

Shanachie #79013


Times and Traditions for Dulcimer

"Si Bheah Si Mor" [3:00]

Trailer #LER-2094.


The Best of Irish Folk (compilation)

"Si Bheag, Si Mor" [2:30]

Talisman/EMI #STAL-1047

Dave Swarbrick & Simon Nicol

Close to the Wind

"Si Beag, Si Mor” {8:30}

Woodworm #WR-006.

Grainne Yeats

Feile na gCruitiri Beal Ferste 1792

"Si Beag Si Mor" [3:00]

Gael-Linn #CEF-053/54

Pierre Bensusan


"Si Bhig Si Mhor/The Rakish Paddy" {4:30}

Lost Lake Arts #92
Windham Hill

John Wright & Catherine Perrier

Traditional Music of France, Ireland, and England

"Si Bheag Si Mhor" [2:00]

Green Linnet #1011.

Patrick Ball

Celtic Harp Vol. 1: The Music of Turlough O Carolan

"Sheebeg Sheemore"

Fortuna #005.
Celestial Harmonies.

Pat Kilbride

Rock and Roses

"Si Beag, Si Mor” {3:30}

Temple #004 (Scotland)

Michael Rugg

Rugg's Celtic Collection for Dulcimer

"Sidh Beag agus Sidh Mor" {2:30}

Kicking Mule #223.
Down Home Music

Pierre Bensusan


Shi Bhig Shi Mor" {3:30}

CBS #MK-42665

John McCutcheon

The Wind That Shakes the Barley

"Planxty George Brabazon /Si Bheag Si Mhor" {5:30}

June Appal #014.