Music for Strings

On this program, we’ll hear music by avant-cellist Rufus Cappadocia, whose five-string electric cello asks, “bass, how low can you go?” by extending the cello’s low end, and creates new sounds through amplification. Plus, music by Tod Machover and his work “VinylCello,” where a DJ spins sampled cello sounds coupled with live cello, as performed by Matt Haimovitz. We’ll also listen to music from itsnotyouitsme, the aural equivalent of a lush sensory deprivation tank – this enveloping music from just a duo. Plus, selections from the folk cello songs on Erik Friedlander’s “Block Ice and Propane,” and more.

PROGRAM #2761, Music for Strings (First aired on Wednesday,1-30-08)





Erik Friedlander

Block Ice And Propane

Block Ice And Propane [3:30]

Skipstone #34642 *

Rufus Cappadocia

Songs for Cello

Melodie [5:00]

Velour #0801*

Erik Friedlander

Block Ice And Propane

Yakima [4:00]

See above.

Matt Haimovitz


Tod Machover: Vinylcello [11:00]

Oxingale #2011 ***

Rufus Cappadocia

Songs for Cello

Prayer [9:00]

See above.


Walled Gardens

A Moment for Nick Drake [7:00]

New Amsterdam #36311*

Michael Galasso


Scene VI, excerpt [4:00]

ECM #1245*