Score One for Valgeir Sigurðsson

Limning that boundary between chamber and classical on the one side and rock and electronica on the other, is composer/producer Valgeir Sigurðsson's score for “Draumalandið” (“Dreamland”), a documentary about the exploitation of Iceland's natural resources. Sigurðsson is probably best known for working with Bjork, but for this record, his Bedroom Community labelmates -classical composer Nico Muhly, industrial doomster Ben Frost, folksinger Sam Amidon, among others- contributed to the anxious and driving music. We’ll hear from Sigurðsson’s new record for this New Sounds, along with a little bit of music from Redhooker and Robert Sadin, and much more.

PROGRAM # 3028 post-chamber and post-classical music (First aired on Wed. 1/20/10)





Valgeir Sigurðsson

“Draumalandið” (“Dreamland”)

Dreamland [3:45]
Cold Ground, Hot [4:43]
Nowhere Land [4:53]
Helter Smelter [4:18]

Bedroom Community HVALUR8

Robert Sadin

The Art of Love: Music of Machaut

Douce dame [3:24]
Comment [5:32]

Deutsche Grammophon 474 1952



Standing Still [5:47]

Soft Landing Records SLR002
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Valgeir Sigurðsson

“Draumalandið” (“Dreamland”)

Draumaland [2:28] Past Tundra [5:06]

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P.G. Six

Music from the Sherman Box Series and Other Works

The Book Of Rayguns For 6 Electric Guitars

Amish Records AMI024