New Soundtracks

For the score to “The Kite Runner,” Spanish composer Alberto Iglesias drew inspiration from Afghan music, while drawing a bit on Pakistani and Persian music as well, bringing in an Iranian zither here, a wailing electric guitar there, and the haunting vocals of Iran-born, U.S.-based singer Sussan Deyhim. On this New Sounds, we’ll listen to some of that score, along with some other new film music, including Jocelyn Pook’s new score for “Brick Lane,” which features the voices of Natacha Atlas, Manickam Yogeswaran and Najma Akhtar. Also, we’ll hear from Carter Burwell’s score for the Coen brother’s “No Country for Old Men.” Plus, the music by Joby Talbot for the documentary about polar bears and walruses, “Arctic Tale,” and more.

PROGRAM #2752, New Music Soundtracks (First aired on Monday, 1/7/08)





Alberto Iglesias

The Kite Runner

Opening Titles [3:30]
The Call, Kabul 1978 [2:20]
Hassan Theme [3:00]
The Truth [2:00]
End Phone Call [2:00]

eDGe #0010046** *

Jocelyn Pook

Brick Lane

Running Through The Night [3:00]
Quiet Joy [3:00]
Tapur Tupur [3:00]
Dreaming [6:00]

Universal Classics & Jazz #1750850 *

Carter Burwell

No Country for Old Men

Blood Trail [5:30]

Private tape, not available.

Jonny Greenwood

There Will Be Blood

Prospectors Arrive [4:30]

Nonesuch #369020** *

Joby Talbot

Arctic Tale

Journey To Rock Island [3:00]
Fledglings [2:00]
Climbing Snow Mountain [2:00]

Bulletproof #1032 ** *