Ben Frost, Compositional Doom, the Podcast

Australian-born, Iceland-based composer and sound artist Ben Frost shares his ghostly and paranoid new release "By The Throat." Frost has brought a number of collaborators on board, including composer Nico Muhly, Swedish metal band Crowpath, Arcade Fire drummer Jeremy Gara and all-female Icelandic string quartet Amiina to help create this music of the foreground. Using electronics, some field recordings of wolves and abrasive processed (tortured, really) guitars, he creates a dense, murky, and menacing musical experience of industrial machinery, orchestral drone and noise. The "King of Compositional Doom" himself, Ben Frost, joins host John Schaefer to present selections from the album for this New Sounds. *Same as the above program, but without the last tune by Jonsi & Alex.