Just Intonation

Guitarist John Schneider and percussionist TJ Troy perform live works that draw on Asian and Near Eastern music, and on alternate forms of tuning. Schneider (also a Los Angeles radio personality) uses a guitar that features a tuneable fretboard for various types of Just Intonation. Incidentally, Lou Harrison (1917-2003) wrote his last guitar piece for a National Steel guitar, custom fretted in Just Intonation. For this New Sounds, we'll hear Schneider and Troy perform some music by Lou Harrison, and more.

PROGRAM #2742, “Just Guitars” with John Schneider (First aired on Friday, 12/7/07)





John Schneider & T.J. Troy


Lou Harrison: Us ul [4:00]
J. Schneider: Tombeau For Lou – Plaint [2:30]
Passacaglia [3:00]

Not commercially available. Due out as part of “Por Gitaro” in March 2008 on Mode Records.

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Lou Harrison

Por Gitaro

In Honor of the Divine Mr. Handel [6:30]

Mode Records, due in March 2008 www.moderecords.com

John Schneider, w/ T.J. Troy


L. Harrison: Jahla, Suite #2 [3:00]
trad: Semai’i Kurd [4:30]

Not commercially available. See above.

Harry Partch

Live recording Mills College 2007

Pollux, from “Castor & Pollux” [2:00]

Not yet commercially available.