Glass Box

For this New Sounds, sample some music from the "Glass Box," a 10-disc retrospective of Philip Glass’s career. We'll hear excerpts from his first trilogy of groundbreaking operas, "Einstein On The Beach," "Satyagraha," and "Akhnaten." And more.

PROGRAM # 2852, Philip Glass: 3 Operas (First aired on Thurs. 10/09/08





Philip Glass

The Glass Box (10-CD set)

Einstein On The Beach: Knee Play I [5:00], Train, excerpt [5:00]
Satyagraha: Confrontation And Rescue [8:00], Evening Song [8:00]
Akhnaten: Funeral of Amenhotep III [9:00]
Eintstein On The Beach: Knee Play V [8:00]

Nonesuch #424508 **