Poetry and Music

Poetry and music trip merrily together off into the sunset on this New Sounds. Dan Kaufman and the band he founded, Barbez, are a theremin-marimba-vibes-guitar-bass-drum combo who work the rock, Eastern European folk, downtown experimental, and punk-cabaret angles. We'll hear from Kaufman's homage to 20th Century poet and Holocaust survivor Paul Celan, from his latest, "Force of Light" on this program. Also, listen to John Hollenbeck's "Joys and Desires" (with poetry by William Blake), along with Material's "Seven Souls" (with poetry by William S. Burroughs), and more.

PROGRAM #2728, Poetry And Music (First aired on Monday, 10/22/07)





Dan Kaufman

Force of Light

Conversation in the Mountains [14:30]

Tzadik #8119 www.tzadik.com*

John Hollenbeck

Joys & Desires

The Garden of Love (William Blake) [5:30]

Intuition #33862 www.intuition-music.com *

Robin Williamson

The Seed-At-Zero

Poem On His Birthday (Dylan Thomas) [11:30]

ECM #1732** www.ecmrecords.com *

Derek Jarman with Simon Fischer-Turner


Pearl Fishers (Derek Jarman) [3:30]

Nonesuch #79337 ** www.nonesuch.com*

Frances-Marie Uitti & Paul Griffiths

There is still time

Bells (Paul Griffiths) [3:00]

ECM #1882** www.ecmrecords.com *

Material with William S. Burroughs

Seven Souls

The End of Words (Burroughs) [4:00]

Virgin #91360. Out of print, but try Amazon.com*